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the proof is in the popcorn


Our KingKorn popcorn bar and popcorn favor bags were a huge success! KingKorn, we can't thank you enough for making our special day just little more fantastic!

Newlyweds and Popcorn Fans


As a long term customer and fan of KingKorn of Texas, I'm so excited that you are now online. Finally I can share some of this fabulous flavored popcorn with family members outside the area.

A loyal KingKorn customer

the history of popcorn (before gourmet)

Pop! Pop! Pop! When you hear the popping sounds and smell the wonderful scent of warm fresh gourmet popped or flavored popcorn, your mouth starts to water, your vision blurs, you get a little dizzy as the craving for gourmet popcorn overtakes you... So just how long has flavored popcorn been having this affect on people. A long time. Here's what we've discovered (along with some King Korn's gourmet thoughts)...


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